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The Resident Youth Centers of the NYA

A Partial view of campus of Lima NYA Center

By Gordon Halstead, Project Director
NYA Resident Work Center, Lima, NY

From all quarters, education today is criticized for failing to meet the urgent demands of a highly competitive world. While the fear of losing a generation of youth may not have the same dimension or relevance as occurred in the depression years, the apparent inability of many young men and women today to fit into the kind of society that has evolved out of modern conditions is certainly a cause for concern.

During the desperate years of the great depression, a new blueprint of education evolved in the U.S. that showed considerable promise for assisting the young people who were among its victims. This is its story...

—Gordon Halstead

Gordon Halstead served as the Director of the Lima, New York site of one of the National Youth Administration's short-lived, experimental Resident Work Centers. For more on Mr. Halstead's life and career, see this Biographical Note.


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