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Selected Works of Henry A. Wallace

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John C. Culver and John Hyde, American Dreamer: A Life of Henry A. Wallace (New York, 2000).

Mark L. Kleinman, A World of Hope, A World of Fear : Henry A. Wallace, Reinhold Niebuhr, and American Liberalism (Columbus, Ohio, 2000).

Norman D. Markowitz, The Rise and Fall of the People's Century: Henry A. Wallace and American Liberalism, 1941-1948 (New York, 1973).

Edward L. and Frederick H. Schapsmeier, Henry A. Wallace: The Agrarian Years, 1910-1940 (Ames, Iowa, 1968).

Edward L. and Frederick H. Schapsmeier, Prophet in Politics: Henry A. Wallace and the War Years, 1940-1965 (Ames, Iowa, 1970).

Torbjorn Sirevag, The Eclipse of the New Deal and the Fall of Vice-President Wallace, 1944 (New York, 1985).

J. Samuel Walker, Henry A. Wallace and American Foreign Policy (Westport, Connecticut, 1976).

Henry A. Wallace, Democracy Reborn (New York, 1944), Russell Lord, editor.

Richard J. Walton, Henry Wallace, Harry Truman, and the Cold War (New York, 1976).

Graham White and John Maze, Henry A. Wallace: His Search for A New World Order (Chapel Hill, 1995).

Online Resources

Henry Wallace Papers
A descriptive summary and guide to the collection of the Henry A. Wallace Papers, Iowa State University. Other Henry A. Wallace collections can be found at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and the Library of Congress.

Henry Wallace Biography
Biographical information from the Wallace House Foundation website.

Henry A. Wallace: Practitioner and Prophet
Biographical and bibliographical material, as well as other resources. Hosted by the Henry A. Wallace Center for Agricultural and Environmental Policy

Vice President Henry Agard Wallace
A short biography of Wallace, prepared by the Senate Historical Office.

Introduction  |   Essay  |   Documents  |   Resources

Selected Works of Henry A. Wallace

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