Public Photography and Private Lives: The Subjects Talk Back
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Another view of the interior of the home of Mrs. Jacob Stooksbury, Loyston, Tennessee. Many of the furnishings are characteristic of the homes in the region--the oil lamps, the spinning wheel, the wickerwork chairs, the embroidery on the fireplace mantel. Taken 11-23-33. --Lewis Hine

The residents of the Norris Basin, like many other people who lived in the mountainous regions of the South, were often angered at being portrayed as "hillbillies" in the national press. They felt the hillbilly stereotype was used to present them as poor and ignorant. Some residents accused TVA of encouraging this point of view. Compare Lewis Hine's photograph "Washday at Stooksberry Farm" and his photographs of the Oakdale school with the recollections of Basin residents John Rice Irwin and Herbert Stooksbury.