The Tennessee Valley Authority: Electricity for All

TVA was one of the most ambitious projects of the New Deal in its overall conception. Its comprehensive nature encompassed many of FDR's own interests in conservation, public utility regulation, regional planning, agricultural development, and the social and economic improvement of the "Forgotten Americans."

TVA encountered many setbacks and failures. It was involved in many controversies. But it brought electricity to thousands of people at an affordable price. It controlled the flood waters of the Tennessee River and improved navigation. It introduced modern agricultural techniques. All of these stories must be told to appreciate the changes TVA brought to the people of the Tennessee Valley.


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A History of TVA
  1. The Origins of TVA
  2. The Board of Administrators
  3. Opposition to TVA
  4. The TVA in Cartoons
  5. Lorena Hickok's Letters From the Field
  6. TVA and the Federal Theatre Project
Electricity for All
  1. Rural Electrification
  2. Mr. Carmody: We Want Lights
  3. Rural Refrigeration
  4. Electric Appliances on the Farm
  5. New Products for New Consumers
The People of Norris Basin
  1. Social Conditions in Norris Basin
  2. The Displaced People of Norris Basin
  3. Public Photography and Private Lives
Changing the Land
  1. The Dams and Their Builders
  2. The Planned Community of Norris
  3. Agriculture and Conservation

Lesson Plans