A calendar of some of the notable events and dates in the history of the United States during the Roosevelt Administration.

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African Americans
"12,000,000 Black Voices"--A Folk History of the Negro In the United States
A Dream, A Quarter Century, A Reality! How the Urban League Has Served
A Negro in the CCC
Abolish Jim Crow!
An Emergency is On!
Black Cotton Farmers and the AAA
Black Labor and the Codes
Black Richmond
Call of Ethiopia
CCC Youth Refuses To Fan Flies Off Officer; Is Fired
Clergy Letter, The American Church Institute for Negroes, New York City
Clergy Letter, The Union Congregational Church, New York City
Deadhead: A Pullman Porter Steps Out of Character
Diminishing Family Income in Harlem
FDR to Robert Fechner, 27 September 1935
Feature Group's "Toward a Harlem Document"
Freedom: Promise or Fact
Ghost Town--Almost: The Depression Hits a Negro Town
Harlem Document Goes On View
Harlem: Dark Weather-Vane
Harold Ickes to Robert Fechner, 20 September 1935
I Has a Garden
Let Us Suppose
Negro Wage Earners and Trade Unions
Negro Workers and Organized Labor
Negro Workers and Recovery
Robert Fechner to Robert J. Buckley, 4 June 1936
Robert Fechner to Thomas L. Griffith, 21 September 1935
Salvation for the Tenant Farmer
Schools for a Minority
Seattle: The Negro Follows the Pioneer
Six Negro Market Songs of Harlem
Slumbering Fires of Harlem
Some Notes on a Harlem Art Exhibit
Some of My Best Friends Are Negro
Southern Farm Tenancy
Suffrage in the South Part I: The Poll Tax
Suffrage in the South, Part II: The One Party System
That Work-Relief Bill
The Amsterdam News Is Winning
The CCC and Colored Youth
The Emergency Educational Program
The Emergency Nursery School--A Community Agency
The Ethics of Living Jim Crow: An Autobiographical Sketch
The National Conference on the Education of Negroes
The Negro and Social Change
The Negro and the Theatre: A Glance at the Past and a Prophecy
The Negro Joins the Picket Line
The Negro Transient
The Negro--Friend or Foe of Organized Labor?
The New Deal and Housing
The New Deal and the Negro: A Look at the Facts
The Pullman Porters Win
The South Speaks
The Subsistence Homesteads Experiment and the Negro
The TVA and the Race Problem
The Urban League and the A. F. of L.: A Statement on Racial Discrimination
Tore Up and a-Movin
Twenty-One Negro Spirituals
We Do Our Part--But…
What Hope For The Rural Negro?
Will the New Deal Be A Square Deal For the Negro?
Workers' Education in FERA