A calendar of some of the notable events and dates in the history of the United States during the Roosevelt Administration.

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Court Packing
A Representative Democratic View of the Court Issue
Appeals to the Prejudices of the People
Arbitrary Power in a Republic Does Not Lie Even in a Majority
Attorney General's Letter
Chief Justice Hughes' Letter to Senator Wheeler
Controversial and Non-Controversial Aspects of the Court Proposal
Draft of the Proposed Law
Editorial, The New York Herald-Tribune
Excerpts from the Senate Debate
First Member of the Senate to Back the President in '32--
Frankfurter Letter to Roosevelt, 2/18/37
Frankfurter Letter to Roosevelt, 2/7/37
Issues and Men
Politics and Supreme Courts
Precedents for the Court Plan
Purging the Supreme Court
Reasons for President's Plan and the Remedy
Reorganization of the Federal Judiciary
Roosevelt Fights Back
Roosevelt Letter to Frankfurter, 2/9/37
Storm Over the Supreme Court
Stuart Chase's Letter to the New York Times
The Battle is On
The Naked Question of the Constitutionality of the Court Proposal
The Power the Court Has Appropriated
The President Faces the Court
The President's Court Proposal
This Challenge to Liberty
This is No Lawyer's Dispute over Legalisms
We Are Dealing With the Source of Justice