A calendar of some of the notable events and dates in the history of the United States during the Roosevelt Administration.

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Alice Berman Autobiography
American Student Union Memoirs
Anne Berman Autobiography
Autobiography of Bernard Wolf
Autobiography of Samuel Wolfenstein
B. Walker Autobiography
Ball, Norman, Autobiography
Bethards, Grover, Autobiography
Bunny Bitters Autobiography
Cohen, Lewis Morton, Autobiography
Dodge, Alice, Autobiography
Ellsberg, Esther, Autobiography
Esther C. Samberg Autobiography
Esther Feldman Autobiography
Florence Dubroff Autobiography
Friedl, Ernestine, Autobiography
Halverson, Marvin, Autobiography
Hollister, Alvaine, Autobiography
Hollister, William K., Autobiography
Joseph Lash Autobiography
Kay Martineau Autobiography
Leighton, Joel B., Autobiography
Meinking, Ralph, Autobiography
Melba Gould Autobiography
Menton, Stoyan, Autobiography
Molly Yard, Autobiography
Morton Jackson Autobiography
My Autobiography
My Life in a Nutshell
Osborne, Selden L., Autobiography
Parter, Sylovia, Autobiography
Pat Clark Autobiography
Scott, Jean , Autobiography
Smelo, Grace, Autobiography
Smith, Michael B., Autobiography
Smith, Ted, Autobiography
So Here I Am.…
Spivack, Robert Berald, Autobiography
This is My Story—That is—part of it
Virginia Sanford Autobiography
Why Progressive?