A calendar of some of the notable events and dates in the history of the United States during the Roosevelt Administration.

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Agricultural Labor
Again the Covered Wagon
An Open Letter to Rex Tugwell
Berry Picker
Berry Picking and Relief
But migrant families do not gather…
Carrots from California
Cherries are Red in San Joaquin
Cold Terror in California
Five Year Lease
Get Out and Hoe
Harvest and Relief
I Has a Garden
Migratory Farm Labor in the United States
Pea-Pickers' Child
Report of Otis Nation, Organizer, O.T.F.U, U. C. A. P. A. W. A.
Salvation for the Tenant Farmer
Some Sort o' How
Statement of Clarence R. Bitting, President, United States Sugar Corporation, Clewiston, Fla.
Stepchildren of the New Deal
Testimony of Joseph Lapolla, of Philadelphia, Pa.
Testimony of Otis Nation, Director, O.T.F.U.
Testimony of Thomas B. H. Higgenbottom, of Fresno, Calif.
The Harvest Gypsies, Article I
The Negro Joins the Picket Line
The New Deal for Share-Croppers
Tore Up and a-Movin
What Hope For The Rural Negro?
Who Are the Associated Farmers?
WPA Replies to Farm Critics
You're Gonna Have Lace Curtains