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A major sensation was created this past week by the "discovery" that the Neutrality Act had no bearing on the Spanish conflict. Although this fact was pointed out last August by the State Department itself, some of the sensational newspapers have sought to give the impression that the crafty Robert Cuse--alleged to be a Soviet agent because he once made sales to Russia--had ferreted out a "loophole" in the existing neutrality legislation and through it was planning to dispatch a lot of airplane parts to the Spanish government.  >>more...>>

Title:     Pro-Fascist Neutrality
Publication:     The Nation
Date:     January 9, 1937

Publisher:     The Nation
Type:     Editorial

Listed Under:
Spanish Civil War
Permissions:     Permission granted for non-commercial, educational purposes by The Nation

Notes:     Vol. 144, No. 2, P. 33-34