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My dear Senators:

I have letters from each of you under date of June 1, to which were attached identical letters addressed to you by Mr. Nimrod B. Allen, Secretary of the Columbus Urban League, Columbus, Ohio. I have carefully read this letter and I regret that apparently Mr. Allen is badly misinformed about our general policy of enrollments in the Civilian Conservation Corps, and particularly about the situation in Ohio.  >>more...>>

Title:     Robert Fechner to Robert J. Buckley, 4 June 1936
Author:    Fechner, Robert
Source:     National Archives
Date:     June 4, 1936

Type:     Letter

Listed Under:
African Americans
Civilian Conservation Corps

Notes:     Robert Fechner to Robert J. Buckley, 4 June 1936, "CCC Negro Selection" file, Box 700, General Correspondence of the Director, Record Group 35, National Archives, College Park, Maryland.

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