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As one thinks back to the 1930s and to these men who were our classmates, some perhaps would wish to argue the justice of this faction, the cruelty of that, but somehow on this solemn occasion ideology seems to be hollow and one stands before this profound memory of young men in the prime of their manhood silently disappearing from the haunts of classroom and alcove to make their way along that underground railway…  >>more...>>

Title:     Memorial to Spain
Author:    Lash, Joseph P.
Source:     Robert Cohen Personal Collection
Type:     Speech

Listed Under:
Spanish Civil War

Notes:     On April 13, 1980, a meeting was held at the College of the City of New York at which a plaque was unveiled to honor the students of CCNY who died fighting fascism in Spain. Among the speakers was Joseph P. Lash, class of 1931.