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I entered this world both unexpected and unwanted. Unfortunately I am the second half of a set of twins. My life until the age of four passed as would be expected, I suppose. At that time my family broke up, my father and my older sister going east, my twin sister and myself remaining with my mother. For a period of two years my sister and myself were sent from one place to another, not having what would be classified as a home, knowing neither our father or mother.  >>more...>>

Title:     Parter, Sylovia, Autobiography
Author:    Parter, Sylovia
Source:     FDR Library, Joseph P. Lash Papers
Date:     1935

Publisher:     Lash Papers, FDRL
Type:     Autobiography

Listed Under:
Student Autobiographies

Notes:     Written while attending the 1935 Student League for Industrial Democracy Summer Leadership Institute (SLID).