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I used to talk with Giaccomo Fiori about Viterbo, his native town. Directly after lunchtime on the second shift Giaccomo would come rolling round to the rear door of the cagework separating Tool Stock from the other departments in the B Building at Highland Park. He operated one of those battery-driven shop trucks on which the pilot stands on wide pedals at the nose of the vehicle. Leaning rotundly forward, the tiller against his hip, Giaccomo resembled the figurehead of some odd landcraft, carved in the likeness of a rustic deity from a region of olives and wine.  >>more...>>

Title:     Fordjob
Author:    Godwin, Murray
Date:     1938

Publisher:     The Guilds Committee for Federal Writers Pubs.
Type:     Story

Listed Under:
Automobile Industry

Notes:     From American Stuff (Direction Special Issue), 1938, p. 49-60