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My name is Clarence R. Bitting. I am appearing here in my capacity as president of United States Sugar Corporation of Clewiston, Fla. I understand we have been requested to present our views on the question under consideration and to outline the means and methods used by us in meeting the problems involved in large-scale agricultural employment.  >>more...>>

Title:     Statement of Clarence R. Bitting, President, United States Sugar Corporation, Clewiston, Fla.
Author:    Bitting, Clarence R.
Source:     U. S. Congress. House. Select Committee to Investigate the Interstate Migration of Destitute Citizens. Interstate Migration. Hearings… (Washington: GPO, 1940-41), p. 502.
Date:     August 14, 1940

Publisher:     Tolan Committee Hearings
Type:     Statement

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Agricultural Labor
Migrant Labor