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I dunno my father nor my mudda. Jessup Powell always went o' Richmond to buy good breeders. Perry Powell (an ex-slave), who died here last month was one o dem da Jessup Powell bought o Richmond. Jessup Powell drawd my father and moudda, den Lewis drawd my father and he took the name o Lewis.  >>more...>>

Title:     Lancy Harris Interview
Author:    Brown, Rev., Interviewer
Date:     June 1, 1937

Type:     Interview

Listed Under:
American Slave Narratives

Notes:     June, 1937 is the date of the interview.
Published in George P. Rawick, ed., The American Slave: A Composite Autobiography. Westport, Connecticut: The Greenwood Press, Inc.,1979, Supplement Series 2, v.1, p. 255-257.