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Puerto Rico, a tiny part of the new world, was an unsuspected treasure laid at the feet of their Spanish Majesties, Ferdinand and Isabella, by Christopher Columbus. Columbus returned from his first voyage with living proofs of what lay beyond the mysterious ocean, astonishing the people with the sight of red-skinned captive Indians, samples of strange plants and animals, and offering them the prospect of finding fabulous quantities of gold and precious gems in the new land.  >>more...>>

Title:     "History," from Puerto Rico: A Guide to the Island of Boriquén
Author:    Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration
Date:     1940

Publisher:     The University Society, Inc. New York
Type:     American Guide Series

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Puerto Rico

Notes:     From Puerto Rico: A Guide to the Island of Boriquén
Compiled and Written by the Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration in Co-operation with the Writer's Program of the Work Projects Administration

American Guide Series
Sponsored by the Puerto Rico Department of Education
The University Society, Inc. New York, 1940, p. 36-67.