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I realize that the other delegates speak from different points of view and I understand why to them this seems different from what it does to me.

I cannot remember a political or a religious refugee being sent out of my country since the Civil War. At that time I do remember that one of my own relatives, because he came to this country and built a ship that ran contraband to the South, was not included in the amnesty. But since then this has not been a question that has entered into my thinking.  >>more...>>

Title:     Human Rights and Human Freedom: An American View
Author:    Roosevelt, Eleanor
Date:     March 24, 1946

Type:     Article

Listed Under:
Human Rights

Notes:     Originally published in The New York Times Magazine, March 24, 1946, p. 21. From a debate between Eleanor Roosevelt and Soviet delegate Andrei Y. Vishinsky, at the UNO General Assembly.