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Now we have come here tonight because of civil liberties. I imagine a great many of you could give my talk far better than I could, because you have had first-hand knowledge in the things you have had to do in Chicago over the years to preserve civil liberties. Perhaps, however, I am more conscious of the importance of civil liberties in the particular moment of our history than anyone else, because as I travel through the country and meet people and see things that have happened to little people, I realize what it means to democracy to preserve our civil liberties.  >>more...>>

Title:     Civil Liberties—The Individual and the Community
Author:    Roosevelt, Eleanor
Publication:     Reference Shelf
Date:     March 14, 1940

Type:     Speech

Listed Under:
Human Rights

Notes:     Originally printed in the Reference Shelf 14 (1940). Address to the Chicago Civil Liberties Committee, March 14, 1940.