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I noticed in the papers this morning the figures given of the cost of certain states per capita for the education of a colored child and of a white child, and I could not help but think as I read that item how stupid we are in some ways, for of course in any democracy the one important thing is to see as far as possible that every child receives at least the best education that that child is able to assimilate.  >>more...>>

Title:     The National Conference on the Education of Negroes
Author:    Roosevelt, Eleanor
Publication:     The Journal of Negro Education
Date:     May 11, 1934

Type:     Speech

Listed Under:
African Americans

Notes:     Originally printed in The Journal of Negro Education 3 (October 1934): 573—575. Address delivered at the National Conference on Fundamental Problems in the Education of Negroes, Washington, D.C., May 11,1934.