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Martin was on one end of a saw and his twenty-two-year-old son, Rufus, was on the other end when I met them.

"I cut down this pine because it was too near the house," Martin told me. "It's green now but mixed with a little dry wood will last a long time. We burn it in a heater in the family room. This tree was in our pasture. If it was my farm or if I could get a five year lease I would cut out the underbrush and sow it with 'lepserdeser.' Then the cows would have good grazing eight months in the year."  >>more...>>

Title:     Five Year Lease
Author:    Foster, W. O.
Date:     May, 1939

Publisher:     The University of North Carolina Press
Type:     Life Narrative

Listed Under:
Agricultural Labor
South, The

Notes:     Originally Published in The Federal Writers' Project: These Are Our Lives, Chapel Hill, The University of North Carolina Press, 1939, p. 3.