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"And He walks with me and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own--"

So the radio is blatantly declaring to the world, and the Joe Fieldings are listening, consenting, with relish. The headlights of the automobile pick up the bush of red roses lush and beautiful under the artificial glare, the group of white lawn-chairs, the small trees with yellowing leaves, the outlines of the five-room white cottage.  >>more...>>

Title:     Some Sort o' How
Author:    Harris, Bernice Kelly
Date:     May, 1939

Publisher:     The University of North Carolina Press
Type:     Life Narrative

Listed Under:
Agricultural Labor
South, The

Notes:     Originally Published in The Federal Writers' Project: These Are Our Lives, Chapel Hill, The University of North Carolina Press, 1939, p. 37.