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In response to your sincere letter of inquiry to clergy of this country, in itself a mark of democracy's new era, I have talked with representative men of this district of the city and am incorporating their reactions in this letter.

To begin with, building trades have taken on new life very decidedly, with corresponding benefit to carpenters, painters, etc., thus relieving unemployment. This is due to the Government loans in accord with the Housing Act. Carpenters are now busy.  >>more...>>

Title:     Clergy Letter, Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church, San Francisco, CA
Author:    Ford, Williston Merrick
Source:     FDR Library, President's Personal File, Entry 21, Box 4
Date:     October 16, 1935

Publisher:     Clergy Letters
Type:     Letter

Listed Under:
Clergy Letters to FDR
San Francisco, California