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Hardly anyone in Washington is happy about the victory of Mr. Hopkins over Mr. Ickes. Quite aside from personal predilections, the prevailing view is that the President has pursued a line which has now landed him in a first-class mess, economically, politically, and socially. What bound him to Mr. Hopkins is that severest of masters, a foolhardy promise.  >>more...>>

Title:     The Price of the Hopkins Victory
Author:    Swing, Raymond Gram
Publication:     The Nation
Date:     October 2, 1935

Publisher:     The Nation
Type:     Article

Listed Under:
Hopkins, Harry
Ickes, Harold
Public Works Adminstration
Roosevelt Administration
Works Progress Adminstration
Permissions:     Permission granted for non-commercial, educational purposes by The Nation

Notes:     Vol. 141, No. 3665, p. 375