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On September 18, 1926, Matthew Brady, district attorney of San Francisco, wrote to the Governor of California, Friend W. Richardson: "If these matters that have developed during the trials could be called to the attention of a court that had jurisdiction to grant a new trial, undoubtedly a new trial would be granted. Furthermore, if a new trial were granted, there would be no possibility of convicting Mooney or Billings."  >>more...>>

Title:     The Third Act of the Mooney Drama
Author:    DeFord, Miriam Allen
Publication:     The Nation
Date:     June 14, 1933

Publisher:     The Nation
Type:     Article

Listed Under:
Mooney, Thomas J.
San Francisco, California
Permissions:     Permission granted for non-commercial, educational purposes by The Nation

Notes:     Vol. 136, No. 3545, p. 661.