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"To photograph New York City" is the definition of this sub-project of the WPA/FAP. The original plan stated that the purpose of such a photographic enterprise would be "to preserve for the future an accurate and faithful chronicle in photographs of the changing aspect of the world's greatest metropolis." In this mood the project has been carried out since it was approved in August 1935.  >>more...>>

Title:     Changing New York
Author:    Abbott, Berenice
Publisher:     The Federal Art Project
Type:     Article

Listed Under:
Federal Art Project
New York City

Notes:     This essay was originally written for a proposed report to Congress on the value of the Works Progress Administration's Federal Art Project (WPA/FAP). The proposed report, to be called "Art for the Millions," was never published and these essays by WPA/FAP artists and administrators went unnoticed until rediscovered by art historian Francis V. O'Connor among the private papers of WPA/FAP Director Holger Cahill.

The original manuscript is now in the file "Federal Support for the Visual Arts: The New Deal and Now" at the Library of the National Collection of Fine Arts of the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, D.C. For a history of the Art for the Millions project, see Francis V. O'Connor's introduction in his Art for the Millions: Essays from the 1930s by Artists and Administrators of the WPA Federal Art Project (Greenwood, CT, 1973), p. 13-31.