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When the tourist from the eastern coast or from the South walks into the marble and bronze Memorial Hall of St. Paul's "functional" courthouse, when he listens with 4,000 others to the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, or suddenly comes upon a view of Duluth-Superior Harbor with its great freighters moving along the miles of ore docks and grain elevators, it is hard for him to believe that some Minnesotans clearly recall the terror of Indian massacres, the sight of browsing buffalo herds, and the creaking of thong-tied Red River carts.  >>more...>>

Title:     Minnesota: A Guide to the State
Author:    Federal Writers' Project, Minnesota
Date:     November, 1938

Publisher:     The Executive Council, State of Minnesota
Type:     American Guide Series

Listed Under:
American Guide Series

Notes:     Includes "General Information," "Calendar of Events," "Part One,"
Chronology," "Index," and "Selected Bibliography."