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Publishing Information

This is a tough town and has been for years but for this reason some of the effects of relief are more clear because they are more exagerated.  >>more...>>

Title:     Report, Flint, Michigan, November 30, 1934
Author:    Wilson, Louisa
Source:     Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hopkins Papers, Box 66
Date:     November 30, 1934

Publisher:     Hopkins Papers, FDRL
Type:     Letter

Listed Under:
American Federation of Labor
Automobile Industry
Flint, Michigan

Notes:     In the Fall of 1933, Federal Emergency Relief Adminstration director Harry Hopkins sent sixteen reporters to investigate social and economic conditions around the country. "I don't want statistics from you," the journalist Lorena Hickok remembers him saying. " I don't want the social-worker angle. I just want your own reactions, as an ordinary citizen." (Bauman and Coode, p. 1) This is one such report.

For a detailed account of the FERA Reports, see In the Eye of the Great Depression : New Deal Reporters and the Agony of the American People, by John F. Bauman and Thomas H. Coode. (DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 1988).