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"Did we win the strike? Brother, I don't know, and that's a fact," said Jim Mills. "I know we didn't lose it. We ain't got nothin' now, maybe, but we didn't have nothin' befo'--so how could we lose?"

And that in general is the attitude of the rest of the Negro farm and cannery workers of Bridgeton, N. J.  >>more...>>

Title:     The Negro Joins the Picket Line
Author:    Granger, Lester B.
Publication:     Opportunity, Journal of Negro Life
Date:     August, 1934

Publisher:     National Urban League
Type:     Article

Listed Under:
African Americans
Agricultural Labor
New Jersey
Permissions:     Permission granted for non-commercial, educational purposes by the National Urban League

Notes:     Vol. 12, No. 8, p. 248