Radio Address on a Program of Assistance for the Crippled, 2/18/31


A Campaign Address on Public Utilities and Development of Hydro-Electric Power, 9/21/32
The Governor Accepts the Democratic Party's Nomination for the Presidency, 7/2/32


Inaugural Address, 3/4/33
New Means to Rescue Agriculture, 3/16/33
Three Essentials For Unemployment Relief, 3/21/33
Presidential Statement On N.I.R.A., 6/16/33
Greetings to the Civilian Conservation Corps, 7/8/33
Informal Remarks at a C.C.C. Camp, 8/12/33
An Extemporaneous Address at Vassar College, 8/26/33
Address Before the 1933 Conference On Mobilization For Human Needs, 9/8/33
The Sixty-Sixth Press Conference (Excerpts), 11/3/33


Annual Message to the Congress, 1/3/34
White House Statement On a Plan For Relief, 2/28/34
Extemporaneous Speech at the Subsistence Homes Exhibition, 4/24/34
Creation Of the First National Labor Relations Board, 6/29/34
Remarks at Welcome Home Party, Hyde Park, New York, 8/30/34
The One Hundred and Sixtieth Press Conference (Excerpts), Warm Springs, Ga, 11/23/34
Extemporaneous Remarks at Thanksgiving Day Party at Warm Springs, Ga, 11/29/34


Annual Message to the Congress, 1/4/35
A Message to the Congress On Social Security, 1/17/35
A Message to the Congress On the Use Of Our National Resources, 1/24/35
Extemporaneous Address On A.A.A. to Farm Groups, 5/14/35
A Radio Address to the Young Democratic Clubs of America, 8/24/35
Address at Atlanta, Georgia, 11/29/35


Annual Message to the Congress, 1/3/36
Address at Temple University, Philadelphia, 2/22/36
A Radio Address On the Third Anniversary Of C.C.C., 4/17/36
Address at the Thomas Jefferson Dinner, New York City, 4/25/36
Address at the Dedication Of the Triborough Bridge, New York City, 7/11/36
Remarks at the Roosevelt Home Club Celebration, Hyde Park, N.Y., 7/11/36
Campaign Address at Kansas City, Mo., 10/13/36
Remarks at the New Athletic Field, Niagara Falls, N. Y., 10/17/36


The Second Inaugural Address, 1/20/37
Judicial Branch Reorganization Plan, 2/5/37
Address at Bonneville Dam, Oregon, 9/28/37
Address at Timberline Lodge, 9/28/37
Remarks at the Dedication Of the New Post Office at Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 10/13/37