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Works of Franklin D. Roosevelt

New Means to Rescue Agriculture

March 16, 1933

Publishing Information
    To the Congress:

  1. At the same time that you and I are joining in emergency action to bring order to our banks, and to make our regular Federal expenditures balance our income, I deem it of equal importance to take other and simultaneous steps without waiting for a later meeting of the Congress. One of these is of definite, constructive importance to our economic recovery.

  2. It relates to agriculture and seeks to increase the purchasing power of our farmers and the consumption of articles manufactured in our industrial communities, and at the same time greatly to relieve the pressure of farm mortgages and to increase the asset value of farm loans made by our banking institutions.

  3. Deep study and the joint counsel of many points of view have produced a measure which offers great promise of good results. I tell you frankly that it is a new and untrod path, but I tell you with equal frankness that an unprecedented condition calls for the trial of new means to rescue agriculture. If a fair administrative trial of it is made and it does not produce the hoped-for results I shall be the first to acknowledge it and advise you.

  4. The proposed legislation is necessary now for the simple reason that the spring crops will soon be planted and if we wait for another month or six weeks the effect on the prices of this year's crops will be wholly lost.

  5. Furthermore, by action at this time the United States will be in a better position to discuss problems affecting world crop surpluses at the proposed World Economic Conference.