In April 1940, a young California photographer working for the National Youth Administration documented the lives of the youth of California, gripped by depression as they prepared for the coming war. The New Deal Network wishes to thank Rondal Partridge and his family for their assistance in developing this site. The images that make up Partridge's "California Youth" series are held by the National Archives.

Rondal Partridge: A Private Gallery These twenty five photographs, from Rondal Partridge's personal collection, were taken between 1936 and 1941. Many are from the late 1930s, when he worked as an assistant for the photographer Dorothea Lange.

Imogen Cunningham: A Private Gallery During the 1930s Rondal Partridge' mother, the California photographer Imogen Cunningham, documented the destitute citizens of Oakland's "Hoovervilles," the tent cities where the homeless and indigent were forced to live. These photographs are published here with the permission of the Imogen Cunningham Trust.

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