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Bibliographical and Online Resources on the Federal Theatre Project

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Bibliography from the typescript script to the New York production of Power.
Bibliography from the typescript script to the New York production of Power. Courtesy, Library of Congress.


Bentley, Joanne. Hallie Flanagan: A Life in the American Theatre (New York, 1988)

Buttitta, Tony. Uncle Sam Presents : A Memoir of the Federal Theatre, 1935-1939 (Philadelphia, 1982)

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The New Deal Stage: Selections from the Federal Theatre Project, 1935-39 (Library of Congress)
This online presentation includes over 13,000 images of items selected from the Federal Theatre Project Collection at the Library of Congress. Featured here are stage and costume designs, still photographs, posters, and scripts for productions of Macbeth and The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus as staged by Orson Welles, and for Power, a topical drama of the period (over 3,000 images). Also included are 68 other playscripts (6,500 images) and 168 documents selected from the Federal Theatre Project Administrative Records (3,700 images). The Federal Theatre Project was one of five arts-related projects established during the first term of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt under the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

Federal Theatre Project Materials (George Mason University)
Special Collection & Archives maintains a significant collection of materials and research guides for studying the Federal Theatre Project (FTP) in its Theatre of the Thirties Collection, which is part of SC&A's voluminous American Theatre Collection. Sources of donated materials include persons formerly employed by the FTP, various theater historians, the National Archives and Record Administration, the Library of Congress and GMU faculty.

Lesson: The New Deal's Federal Theatre Project (National Center for History in the Schools)
This lesson acquaints students with the New Deal's Federal Theatre Project and the social, economic, and political issues which were the focus of Living Newspaper productions of the FTP.

Federal Theatre Project Documents (History Matters)
The Yeast which Makes the Bread Rise. A speech by Hallie Flanagan.
It Was a Wildly Exciting Time An oral history by FTP participant Milton Meltzer.
Suspicion of Subversion Testimony before the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

Living Newspaper Photographs (New Deal Network)
A collection of photographs from the Living Newspapers Power, 1935, Injunction Granted, One-Third of a Nation, Spirochete and Triple-A Plowed Under.

Federal Theatre Project (New Deal Network)
Index to documents related to the Federal Theatre Project.

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Power: A Living Newspaper

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