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New Deal Network Search Engine


This engine searches all of the individual pages on the New Deal Network. The most common problem users have with the search engine is the use of too general terms. Try to be specific in developing topics.

Some tips:

Type search terms in all lowercase or all upper-case unless you want the search to be case sensitive.

If you place quotation marks around a search term it will look for that exact phrase, such as "White House".

If you use "AND", "NOT" and "OR" it will give you pages including, not including or either of those words. For example, the expression Roosevelt AND Eleanor will give you all pages with the word Roosevelt and the word Eleanor, while Roosevelt NOT Eleanor will give you all pages with the word Roosevelt that do not have the word Eleanor and Roosevelt OR Eleanor will give you all pages with the either Roosevelt or the word Eleanor. Parentheses can be used to group units, such as (Roosevelt AND Churchill) NOT Eleanor

You can also search using a wildcard by place an "*" for any number of characters or a "?" for a single character.

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