A calendar of some of the notable events and dates in the history of the United States during the Roosevelt Administration.


Selected Works of Henry A. WallaceSelected Works of Henry A. Wallace
33 speeches and articles by FDR's Secretary of Agriculture and Vice President.

A New Deal for Carbon Hill, AlabamaA New Deal for Carbon Hill, Alabama
A photo-documentary of the impact of the Great Depression and New Deal on a small Southern town, by WPA photographer William C. Pryor.

The Great Depression and the ArtsThe Great Depression and the Arts
Four lesson plans developed by teachers and historians working with the National Center for History in the Schools and the Organization of American Historians

Work Relief Administration Press ConferencesWork Relief Press Conferences
A selection of thirty-two Press Conferences from the various New Deal Work Relief Administrations, including the FERA, the CWA, and the WPA.

Always Lend a Helping HandAlways Lend a Helping Hand
Sevier County, Utah, remembers the Great Depression. 24 oral history interviews, photographs and essays. Created by Richfield (Utah) High School students.

Dear Mrs. RooseveltDear Mrs. Roosevelt
During the Great Depression, thousands of young people wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt for help. Includes letters and lesson plans.

TVA: Electricity for AllTVA: Electricity for All
TVA was one of the most ambitious projects of the New Deal. Includes information, documents and lesson plans.

Rondal PartridgeRondal Partridge
In April 1940, Ronday Partridge documented the lives of the youth of California. Includes photo essays and lesson plans.

WPA DollsThe WPA Dolls of Milwaukee
Between 1936 and 1943, thousands of dolls were made by women employed by the Milwaukee WPA Handicraft Project.

H-US1918-45Work-Study-Live: The Resident Youth Centers of the NYA
The story of the NYA's experimental Resident Work Centers, told by a former director.

CCC MemoriesCCC Memories
In 1986 Robert Gadamowitz interviewed his grandfather, Dominick Gadamowitz, for an oral history project developed by his social studies teacher, Alan Singer..

Debating the FDR MemorialDebating the FDR Memorial
Lesson plans, web projects, and bibliographical materials.

Match wits with Professor Puzzler, an expert on the New Deal.

Archives in the AtticArchives in the Attic
Documents from the Great Depression. Contributed from the family collections of New Deal Network visitors.

Conservation in Context, The Evander Childs High School Murals ProjectConservation in Context: The Evander Childs High School Murals Project
A conservation and curriculum project centered on James Michael Newell's "Evolution of Western Civilization" fresco.

Been Here So Long: Selections from the WPA American Slave Narratives"Been Here So Long": Selections from the WPA American Slave Narratives
Seventeen selected interviews, classroom activities, online resources, and an introductory essay by Mark Krasovik.

Power: A Living NewspaperPower: A Living Newspaper
This feature includes an introductory essay, "Electricity in the Limelight," the play script to Power, a lesson plan, and bibliographical and online resources concerning the Federal Theatre Project.

Student Activism in the 1930sStudent Activism in the 1930s
Professor Robert Cohen's essay on the American Student Union is supported by dozens of autobiographies, articles, and graphics.

The Magpie Sings the Great DepressionThe Magpie Sings the Great Depression
During the 1930s, students from the Bronx's DeWitt Clinton High School documented their life and times. This feature includes 175 poems, articles, and short stories and 270 graphics.

More FeaturesLabor in the 1930s Bibliography
An annotative labor history bibliography for the decade of the Great Depression.

A Romantic in a Frenzied OfficeA Romantic in a Frenzied Office
Marlene Park discusses Stanford Macdonald-Wright's Years as Artist and Administrator for the Federal Art Projects. Includes a slide show featuring Macdonald-Wright's work in mosaic tile.

African Americans in the Civilian Conservation CorpsAfrican Americans in the Civilian Conservation Corps
An introductory essay and historic documents and photographs.

The Story of Survey GraphicSocial Welfare and Visual Politics:
The Story of Survey Graphic

Professor Cara Finnegan introduces Paul Kellogg's progressive social science periodical; includes eighty-six articles.

Destinations: AlbanyDestinations: Albany
Visit the Hawley Library Murals at the University at Albany, State University of New York.

Detail from Image by Hugo GellertSave the Hugo Gellert Murals!
The website for the successful local and online campaign to save the Seward Park Hugo Gellert Murals from destruction