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The Magpie Sings the Great Depression:
Selections from DeWitt Clinton High School's Literary Magazine, 1929-1942

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By Lewis Harris

The Magpie, January 1941, v. 25, n. 1, p. 63.

There's a light that sears the pain-wracked universe. But there's another light beyond the flames of roaring puns. There's a light that cuts through fog and gun gray skies. And that's the light that man is groping for.

Just yesterday a juggernaut of flaming steel swept across the world in the Stygia of hate and war. But now the steel is stopping and man has made a torch to light the world.

Man needs a little time, a little time to hind a bleeding world. A little hope to clear a weary brain. A little laughter to ease an aching heart.

And soon a million homes will grow where once a giant Pluto's hand left darkness in the world.

And now the farms are growing. Young, strong men in fields that once had covered them are plowing long, rich furrows through a tired earth.

And forests grow, and streams are clear again.

And a man is his master, and no man's master.

Now cities wake to the throb of life, and airplanes sweep across a cleaner sky.

You can turn to the light now. You can face the stars and throw your voice into a free eternity.

Watch that light beyond the fading mists. It's life . . . and light . . . and liberty.

The Magpie Sings the Great Depression

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