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The Magpie Sings the Great Depression:
Selections from DeWitt Clinton High School's Literary Magazine, 1929-1942

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Stanley Gottheimer, '37

The Magpie, June 1936, v. 20, n. 2., p. 39.

Wilder than the Mongols
Who swept down Eurasian plains,
More confused than anything
Yet conceived by human brains
Is the hurry-burly, the business and the play,
The whirl and all the bustle of a mad, bad world today!

The sparks of revolutions
Bursting into flame,
Murders, executions,
Too numerous to name.
Radicals win "old Castile,"
Important U. S. labor spat.
The black and blazing headlines spiel:
"Attempted Japo coup d'etat!"

France and Russia sign a pact,
Der Fuehrer arms for war!
Britain acclaimed for her tact,
Haile's getting Duce sore!
League oil sanctions and the rest,
I am fearing, fearing lest
All mankind is heading for
The blood and horror of world war!

But in tune with the modern song,
Though the dollar's not so sound,
Though we're right or though we're wrong,
This old earth keeps spinning round.

The Magpie Sings the Great Depression

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