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The Magpie Sings the Great Depression:
Selections from DeWitt Clinton High School's Literary Magazine, 1929-1942

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Stanley Abrons, '35
Marionettes By Manteo
James Alexander, '32
IMG The Flame
IMG Song of the Conqueror
Saul Alovis, '36
Herbert Alson, '37
Statue of Liberty
Harold Altman
IMG Hand Out
IMG [Soldiers] (Pencil Drawing)
IMG The Black Queen (4 Illustrations)
IMG Coal Town (6 Images)
IMG At Work
IMG Sharecroppers
IMG Courage
IMG Clinton, 7:45
IMG First Nighters
IMG "I Gotta Win!" (Illustration)
IMG Knockout
IMG "I Gotta Win!" (Illustration)
IMG Time Out
IMG [Clinton Student]
IMG Shipyard Bully
IMG Sewer Construction
IMG These Two (Illustration)
IMG These Two (Illustration)
IMG These Two (Illustration)
IMG These Two (Illustration)
IMG "Let There Be Light" (Illustration)
IMG "Let There Be Light" (Illustration)
IMG "Let There Be Light" (Illustration)
IMG Meditation
Thomas Anderson, '39
IMG Dorothy (Eching)
IMG From My Window
Herbert Anhalt, '38
IMG Clinton (Photograph)
Kamerad! (Illustration)
IMG Magpie, '32
IMG Behold the Dreamer (Illustration)
Henry J. Antupitsky, '32
Collector's Job
Incident on a Trolley Car
Richard Avedon
Break It Gently (three poems)
Broken Gently
Early Dusk
Highway Horrors
Not England

James Baker and Robert Cargill
IMG Title Page
James Baldwin
Peace On Earth
These Two
Judgment Day
The Woman at the Well
Incident In London
Mississippi Legend
Rendezvous with Life: An Interview with Countee Cullen
Aunt Tina
Black Girl Shouting
The Dream
Loose Stone Rolling
John Baldwin, '40
IMG Papers (Eching)
IMG From My Window
IMG Harlem River
IMG [Museum Goer]
IMG Peace On Earth (Illustration)
IMG Tempest
IMG Stationmaster
IMG End Paper (Part 1)
IMG End Paper (Part 2)
IMG Shore Leave (4 Illustrations)
IMG Harlem River
IMG "Why that noivy, homelovin' artistic bum!" (Cartoon)
IMG Construction
IMG In the Bleachers (Cartoon)
Leonard Banach
IMG Collector's Job (Illustration)
Joseph Barbi, '36
C. Leo Barrow
"Lady" Summers
Howard Bauman, '37
IMG Campaign
Abba Bayer, '40
A Letter
Nine Seconds Before
Emanuel Berkowitz, '32
Two Towns
Lester Bernbaum, '37
Man, The Militant
George A. Bernstein, '32
Lester Bernstein, '36
Bethencourt '38
IMG Art of Terpsichore (Illustration)
Bernard Bier
IMG Illustration, "The Woman at the Well", p. 26.
IMG Illustration, "The Woman at the Well", p. 27.
Robert Blackburn '39
A Harlem Traveler
Young America
Block Dance 1937
IMG Block Dance (6 Illustrations)
IMG Harlem
IMG End Paper (Part 1)
IMG End Paper (Part 2)
IMG Title Page
IMG Tree Cutters .
IMG Harlem Traveler (Illustration)
IMG Harlem Traveler (Illustration)
IMG Lumberjacks
IMG Young America (Illustration)
IMG Young America (Illustration)
IMG Beginning
IMG School Yard
IMG Barns
IMG End Piece
IMG At Home—Beginning
IMG Fresh Fish
IMG Coal Shute II (Lithograph)
IMG Refugees (Lithograph)
IMG Abroad—End Piece
IMG Title Page
IMG Beginning
IMG The Arts
IMG Wrestlers
Joseph Blatt, '34
On My First Job
Daniel Blitz
IMG East Side Street (Photograph)
IMG Blood, (Illustration)
Paul Breslin, '39
IMG Classroom In Spring (Cartoon)
Stuart Brown, '38
Bird in a Gilded Cage
Theodore Ledyard Browne
A Piece of Saw
Robert Brush, '40
Norman Brustein, '37
Mass Production
America Grows

Loris Calabrese, '40
IMG From My Window
Emile Capouya
So Long
Luis Is My Cousin
Robert Cargill
IMG [Subway Reader]
O'Neill Carrington
In a Harlem Cabaret
Cristopher Casserly
IMG Title Page
Mel Casson, '38
IMG "Hot Spices" (Cartoon)
Stanley Casson
IMG Tug Boats (Photograph)
IMG The Composer (Photograph)
Sidney Chayefsky, '39
This Younger Generation
Peter Chiarelli, '34
IMG Backyards
Aaron Chinitz, '33
Behold the Dreamer
Man in the Train
Mr. Grubkin, Stern Realist
Franklin Church,
IMG Shore Leave
Jerome Cohen, '40
IMG Man-Power
IMG P.T. Barnum (Illustration)
IMG From My Window
Sidney Cohen
IMG Football Practice (Photograph)
Robert B. Creamer '41, William Saunders '41, and Vincent Gold '41
The Making of Three Americas
Countee Cullen, '21
Life's Rendezvous

Emanuel H. Demby, '36
Southern Journey
Leonard De Rosa
IMG Lino Block
Murray Doscher, '36
Summer Sunday
Martin Dressler
IMG Graphic
George Dunkel, '36
IMG Ash Cans

George Edington, '36
Two Poems

Milton Farber, '38
Orphans of the Drought
P.T. Barnum Was Right
David Finkelstein, '38
IMG Bill Poster
David Forer, '37
IMG Glass of Water (Cartoon)
IMG Snob (Cartoon)
IMG Dear Listeners (Cartoon)
IMG Clinton In Action—8:40 (Cartoon)
IMG Clinton In Action—2:40 (Cartoon)
IMG 20th Century Limited
IMG Hot Dog! Nature! (part 1)
IMG Hot Dog! Nature! (part 2)
IMG "Well, I Guess We're Men Of The World, Now" (Cartoon)
Jack Frank, '38
Bob Friedberg, '39

Norman Gabrilove, '37
How to Avoid Becoming Handyman of the House
Irving Genn
Flanders 1939
George Gittelson, '37
Intro, Chorus, and Sock
Murray Glanzer, '37
Strange Interview
Robert Gold, '38
Alvin D. Goldberg, '36
Soft Job
Seymour Goldberg, '36
The Forty Days Of Musa Dagh (Review)
Jacob Goldstein, '31
IMG The Wooden Bridge, Bronx Park
David Golomb, '38
On Dunking
Albert Gommi
IMG Shoe Shine Man (Photograph)
F. Miles Gottheimer, '39
Times Square
Franklin Gottheimer, '39
An Aesthetic
Summer Symphony
Stanley Gottheimer, '37
Danger: Men at Work
Definition of America
Leo Grachow, '32
Subway Beggar
William Greene, '41
IMG Street Sign (Photograph)
Melvin Greek, '40
Morning Becomes Night
Wilbur Gross, '35
The Waterfront
Lawrence Gruberg, '39
IMG After the Rain (Photograph)

Paul Haber, '36
No Casualties Reported
Eugene Harris
IMG Icemen
IMG Washday (Illustration)
Leonard Harris, '39
Who's Crazy Now—?
Composite Picture
Propaganda Piece
Lewis Harris
"Let There Be Light"
Ned Harris
IMG The Road to Freedom
Fred M. Hechinger, '37
Eight Weeks in America
Haskell Heimlich
IMG Silent Partners
IMG Heat
Irving Hellerman, '37
Red, White, and Black
Herbert Henry
IMG Washington Bridge
Jerry Hnot
IMG A Modern Classic
Alfred Hochtheil, '32
IMG Etching
IMG Frontispiece
Augustus Hodges, '32
IMG Hello, Babs (Illustration)
IMG Steel Worker
IMG Linoleum Cut (Lamp)
IMG It Isn't the Fall (Illustration)
Harry Hoehn, '38
IMG Candid Camera (Illustration)
IMG Cafeteria
IMG Who's Crazy Now? (Illustration)
IMG Who's Crazy Now? (Illustration)
IMG Purple (Illustration)
Zalkind Hurwitz My Reverie

Walter Iler, '37
IMG Idle Workers
IMG American Scene
IMG Beginning
IMG The Drunkard
IMG The Student
IMG Rising Dictators
Arnold Israel
Fortress of Laughter
Shore Leave

Joaquin Jarque
IMG Cover Art
IMG [Basketball Players]
Zoltan Jacob, '38
Fantasy On a Subway
Monroe Jacobson, '37
There Ought to be a Law
Donald James
IMG Light Rays
Leonard Jossel, '39
IMG Central Park
IMG "There's that sharpie again!" (Cartoon)
IMG Subway (Cartoon)

Stanley Kallman, '39
IMG Dusk (Photograph)
Howard Kalter
IMG The Road to Freedom
Allan Kass, '36
IMG Luna Park
IMG Ditch Diggers
IMG Africa
Stanley J. Kauffmann, '31
Underground Limited
Roswell Keller, '33
IMG Workers (Linoleum Cut)
IMG At The Forge (Linoleum Cut)
Joseph Kesselman
Philip Kestenbaum, '36
IMG Transportation
Seymour Ketive, '39
Old John Smith
Harry Kraus, '37
IMG Night Lights (Photograph)
Richard Krauss, '38
IMG Orphans of the Drought (Illustration)
IMG Orphans of the Drought (Illustration)
Seymour M. Krim, '39
Two Photographers in Search of a Subject
Richard H. Kuh, '37
One Tenth Part of a Dollah
Mitchell Kurman, '39
The Runaway

Raymond La Cour, '36
The Wealth of the Indies,
Victor Lazofsky, '33
"The Night Comes On Too Fast"
H. L. Mencken, Critical Firebrand
Leo Lebovitz, '33
Portrait of a Beggar
Earl Lee, '36
The New Pioneer
Irving Leicht
IMG Portrait
C. Lesser
IMG "Red tape, politics and corruption" (Illustration)
Harris Levey, '40
IMG "NO!! you MAY NOT SWING this march!" (Cartoon)
IMG Art of Terpsichore (Illustration)
Bob Levin, '38
Eighth Avenue Express
He Can Get It for You Wholesale
Robert Levin, '38
Mr. Morris J. Levine, Art. Dept.
IMG Regent's Rhythm
Bernard W. Levy, '31
Magpie Makers: With Machines
Harry Lewis, '33
IMG Cover
IMG Poster, School Relief Fund
Howard Liberman, '37
IMG Title Page
IMG The Cameraman
David M. Linhart, '33
Robert Lipes, '37
IMG Steel Town
Saul Lishinsky, '40
IMG Scarcity
IMG Subway
IMG Farm
IMG Impressions (Part 1)
IMG Impressions (Part 2)
Arthur Lucier, '37
IMG Yorkville

Thomas McGovern, '32
Home Town
I Take a Beating
Thomas McKnight, '38
IMG Parazin Block, p 20. 15.
Leo Mansowitz
IMG Frontispiece
IMG En Garde Messieurs, (Illustration)
Bernard Marks
IMG "Lady" Summers, (Illustration)
IMG "Lady" Summers, (Illustration)
IMG "Lady" Summers, (Illustration)
Daniel Marks, '32
IMG The Classroom (Woodcut)
IMG Student (Woodcut)
IMG Subway (Woodcut)
Howard Marks, '37
Union Square
Matthew Marmor, '31
On Coughs and Sneezes
Jacob Matcha, '37
Hold That Tiger
Roland Maycock, Leonard A. Hoffman, Paul J. Elkin
Purple, Blood, and Shades
Harold Mendelsohn, '35
The Sidur (The Prayerbook)
Paul Mendlowitz
"I Gotta Win!"
Stanley Mermelstein, '39
IMG "Visit Italy" (Illustration)
Harold Michelson, '37
IMG Fight Fandom Focused (Illustration)
Leonard (Leonid) Michelson, '37
IMG Title Page
IMG Title Page
Michael Milo, '36
IMG New York
Robert F. Mintz, '31
Good Sunday
I. Morgenthal
IMG Hebrew (Parazin Block)

William Nachbar
The Black Queen
With Rumbling of the Drums
Leonard Nash, '35
Changing Waterfront
Ben Needelman
IMG The Road to Freedom, (poster competition)
Leonard Neuwohner, '36
William Nies, '38
IMG Derrick
IMG Title Page

Harvey Olnick
IMG Grand Central Station (Photograph)

Stanley Pansky
2,000 Miles on the I.R.T.
Bernard Payson
IMG Wharf (Photograph)
Sidney Penner, '31
IMG Etching—Old Man
Lawrence Perlman, '39
Massacre in the Tower
Joseph Petes, '36
Culinary Episode or Cuisine Bronxaise
Franklin Plotkin
I Lived Through A Blackout
James Plunkett
IMG Early Dusk (Illustration)
David Pollack, '37
Time Waits For No Man!
Joseph Prager
IMG The Dentist (Photograph)
IMG Tug Boat Engine Room (Photograph)
Earl Pringle, '39
IMG Beginning
IMG Portrait

Thomas Rake-Straw, '36
Manhattan Moods
Jerry Resnick
The Coming Out of Crusher Landis
Edward Rofheart, '36
IMG Hayden Planetarium
Stanley Rogoff, '38
Art of Terpsichore
Jay Rosenblatt
A Letter
IMG Title Page
IMG A Letter (Illustration)
IMG Duet
IMG Market
Max Rosenbloom, '32
In Poland
John Ross, '39
IMG New York Central (Pencil Sketch)
IMG Stove (Pencil Sketch)
Richard Ross
IMG Untitled (Woman) (Watercolor)
IMG Untitled (Man) (Watercolor)
Arthur Ruden, '37
Man, the Mechanic

Santo Sallami
IMG Bliss (Photograph)
Theodore Salz
IMG Cover Design
IMG Soldiers
Howard Samuely
The Banjo
Gerardo Santora, '37
Gordon Saver
Case History
Joseph Schaffer, '39
IMG Butcher Shop (Eching)
Louis Schneider, '32
Literary Evaluations
Erwin Schrom, '36
The Planetarium
Sam Schulman
Asses and Cats
Gate To The Sea
Alvin Schwartz, '34
The Street Scene
Bert Schwartz, '36
IMG The Pit
IMG Dance—Negro Struggle
IMG City Air
IMG Ukrania
IMG The Traveler
Herbert Schwartz, '39
Sure Cure
Edward Scott, '38
IMG Kennebec
Jules F. Segal, '31
Hello, Babs
Martin Seifert, '39
A Traveler of the Road
Irving Seidenberg
IMG Old Peddler
Teddy Shearer, '38
IMG Lunch
IMG Market (Etching)
IMG Union Square
IMG They Say So (Etching)
IMG Wash Day (Etching)
IMG It Was Over a Drink (Etching)
IMG Needle Worker (Drawing)
IMG Wrong Change
Henry Shinsky, '32,
Bert Sinker,
IMG The Road to Freedom
William Sirotenko, '35
Edwin Slone, '37
Fight Fandom Focused
Leon Smith, '40
Heritage—An interview with Countee Cullen
Michael Smith, '32
Street Woman
Proud Men Survive
Santo Sollami, '40
IMG Subway Stop (Photograph)
Gerald Spindel
To the El
Joseph Starobin
Solomon Stein
Mile-A-Minute Murder
John L. Sullivan, '36
"Thumb Fun"
The Gong Whackers
Michael Sweret, '37
IMG Street Corner

Malcolm Thompson, '35
IMG Night Flight
Burton Thorman, '32
Peter Tomlinson
IMG Statue of Liberty
Sidney Tomshinsky, '31
Expansion and Maturation
John Toohey, '33
Salvatore Torricelli, '35
La Festa
IMG [Subway Riders]

Richard Ullman

Miguel Vigil
Bang! Another Revolution
William Vreeland, '34
IMG A Bridge Over the Bronx River
IMG Theatre Goers
Walter Vrindten, '39

Herbert Waldhorn, '35
Samuel Warshawsky
IMG A Piece of Saw, (Illustration)
Robert S. Warshow, '33
It Isn't the Fall
To One Who Preached
Alex Weber, '37
Albert Wein, '33
IMG Staff Portraits (Pt. 1)
IMG Staff Portraits (Pt. 2)
Jack M. Weinstein, '33
IMG Subway (Illustration)
IMG Street Scene (Illustration)
Leonard Wender
The Air Raid
Arthur Whitman
The Disgrace
Study of a High School Boy
Richard Wincor, '37
Abraham Wiseman, '34
IMG Coal Yard on the Harlem River
Eugene Witten
IMG Cross-Country
Charles Wolf
We Take a Walk

Allen Wolff
IMG [Portrait]
IMG [Portrait]
Marvin Yentes, '35
Wet Feet

Paul Zanger, '38
The Depths of "Barberism"
Louis Zansky, '39
IMG Street Scene
IMG Quartette
IMG End Paper
Jesse Zelden
The Wall
Bernard Ziner, '38
IMG Staff Characters
IMG Title Page
IMG Eighth Avenue Express (Cartoon)
IMG Share Cropper (Lithograph)
IMG Recreation (Wash)
Milton Zolotow, '36

The Magpie Sings the Great Depression

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