A calendar of some of the notable events and dates in the history of the United States during the Roosevelt Administration.

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Carbon Hill, AL
A. E. Williams, Ford Dealer
Albert Shaw, Postmaster
Barber and Customer
Ben Pair, Laborer
Bynon McLain, Miner
Calude Campbell, Miner
Chester (Check) Latham, Mine Foreman
Colored Methodist Episcopal Church
Company Commisary
Company Commissary
Crowd at Night Football Game
Dance Hall, Saturday Night
Dr. George S. Gilder, City Commissioner
Grading High School Grounds
H. E. Baker, Druggist
High School Swimming Pool
Hugh Stubblefield, Farmer
J. A. Sanders, Poolroom Proprietor
Jake Levy, Proprietor of Dry Goods Store
Jesse Edgil, Gasoline Station Attendant
K. E. Kropp, Real Estate and Insurance
Katherine White, Beauty Parlor Manager
Locomotive Picking Up Coal Load
Mattie May Maddox, Librarian
Maude Patterson, Beauty Shop Operator
Methodist Episcopal Church (White)
Miners of the Chicksaw Mill Creek Mine
Mrs. Aileen Brown, WPA Household Aide
Mrs. Nelson Greene and Baby
Negro Miner
O.H. Whitney, M.D.
Panorama of Carbon Hill
Public Well and Shelter
Rev. C. H. McCall, Preacher, Colored M. E. Church
Rev. C. H. McCall, Preacher, Colored M. E. Church
Rev. O. M. Fox With Son
Rev. O. M. Fox, Baptist (White) Preacher
Stone Culvert Made by WPA
Swimming Pool Built by WPA
Telephone Lineman
Tipple at Chicksaw Mine
Uncle Gus Beasley
Zack Shepherd, Lawyer