A calendar of some of the notable events and dates in the history of the United States during the Roosevelt Administration.

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Public Figures | Eleanor Roosevelt
Addressing Group at Cumberland Homesteads
And her Daughter
And Will Rogers
As a Child
At a Democratic Meeting
At a Diphtheria Prevention Gathering
At a Picnic for the Todhunter School
At Chautaugua Women's Club
At Democratic State Committee HQ
At NYC Democratic Women's Club Meeting
At Opening of the Summer Play School
At the FDR School (P.S. 34) in New York City
At the Opening of the Mid-Hudson Bridge
At the White Top Music Festival
At ValKill
At ValKill Furniture Shop
Building Blocks
Campaigning in New York State
Christmas Tree
During her Trip to Los Angeles
During her Trip to Los Angeles
Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt Addressing Negro Youth Conference
Eleanor Roosevelt Visiting Ellen S. Woodward
Eleanor Roosevelt with Marian Anderson
Entering a Commuter Plane
Experiencing the Outdoors
In front of airplane during her Trip to Los Angeles
In front of airplane during her Trip to Los Angeles
In Her ValKill Shop
Next to camera
Nursery School at Bennet College
On horseback
South Steps of the White House
Visiting the Occupational Therapy Dept.
With a horse
With Girl Scouts
With her brother, Elliott
With Her Father, Elliott Roosevelt
With Todhunter Students and Teachers
Young Eleanor Roosevelt with her Family