A calendar of some of the notable events and dates in the history of the United States during the Roosevelt Administration.

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Conservation | Fish and Game Conservation
Delta Refuge, LA
Barracks for the WPA Workers
Blue Goose Observation Tower
Boathouse for the Delta Wild Fowl Reservation
Boats that Transport new WPA Workers
Deceptive Quagmire
Delta Refuge Station in Wildlife Preserve
Dwelling Houses and Water Supply System
Dynamite Explosion
Dynamite Team
Food for the Hungry Workers on the Quarter Boats
Going to Work in the Marshes
Harry Hopkins the WPA Wonder Pig
Living on the Water
Mail Boat Leaving after a Delivery
New US biological Survey Station
Newly Hatched skimmer
Nurse helping a WPA Worker
Pancakes for Breakfast
Planting the Dynamite
Skimmer Birds
Trip into the Marshes