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Willmar Auditorium

Location : Willmar, MN
Agency : WPA
Owner : NARA (SPB)
Medium : B&W Photo
Control Number : RG 69 Neg.18321-C

Enlarged Image

Description : The Willmar Auditorium built by WPA is one of the handsomest auditoriums in Minnesota. It has two stories and a basement. In some sections of the building it has a third story. It was built at a cost of $160,000. The building has a concrete foundation, reinforced concrete slabs, steel roof trusses, and a wood roof. The walls are of brick with stone trim. The sculpture over the entrance was done by the Federal Art Project. The basement accommodates a band room, dressing rooms, showers, and mechanical equipment rooms. On the first floor are the auditorium, stage, and kitchen and war memorial room. The second floor has meeting rooms and a projection room.

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