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Labor in the 1930s Bibliography
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Workers' Education, Allegheny County WPA, Mimeography Lessons

Labor in the 1930s Bibliography An Introduction and an Invitation

By Jim Young and Project Director

Welcome to the Labor in the 1930s Bibliography, a work-in-progress for which we solicit your participation. Although the bibliography contains 268 entries, it remains incomplete both in terms of individual entries and in terms of the schema of their presentation. Individual bibliographic entries can be accessed by author or subject. You will no doubt discover gaps in the listings. You may also disagree with our organizational headings, or think of additional categories or angles. If so, please let us know.

Our aim is the provision of a thorough and annotated bibliography of books which cover labor history in the New Deal Era, i.e., 1929-1948. We cannot yet begin to entertain the notion of listing articles, except for bibliographic essays in which an author attempts to cite the works of a specific sub-category or a limited span of years. We encourage the suggestion of works whose scope is not limited to the New Deal Era, but which contain important sections pertaining to the era. Citations should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style, current edition. Finally, we would very much appreciate a brief annotation of the work which you propose. Of particular interest would be any comment upon its usefulness as a teaching vehicle, if applicable, and its age-appropriate level, if below the college level. Readers should also feel welcome to propose annotations for books which we have listed, but for which we have yet to provide an annotation, or to add further annotative remarks to those items already annotated.

We will credit those individuals who contribute annotated bibliographic citations and those who write annotations to works on the existing list. Acknowledgment will take the form of the contributor's initials at the end of the entry, and a separate page will identify the initials with the contributor's NAME and INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATION, so please provide these when contributing. Please submit your contributions to Project Director at

Jim Young created and annotated the original bibliographical entries. Project Director developed the technical aspects of this site.

We look forward to extending this important contribution to the New Deal Network and to the understanding of our not-so-distant past.

In Unity,

Jim Young
District 1199P, SEIU

Project Director
New Deal Network