Hugo Gellert's Seward Park Murals
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Letters of Support for the Gellert Murals

The following are a few of the letters we have received in support of preserving the Hugo Gellert murals. Add your voice! Write to Israel Keller, Board President, Seward Park Housing Corp. Please c.c. or email a copy of your letter to Project Director, so we may petition other organizations to join in this effort.

Those addresses are:

Israel Keller, President
Seward Park Housing Corp.
465 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002

Project Director
Teachers College/Columbia University
525 W. 120th St. Box 144
New York, NY 10027
FAX (212) 854-7820


James Wechsler, Doctoral Candidate in Art History, Graduate School, City University of New York

Paul Lauter, Professor of Literature, Smith College

Francis V. O'Connor, Ph.D., Independent Historian of Art, Consultant in the Fine Arts

Marlene Park, Professor of Art History, John Jay College and City University Graduate School

Ellen Gruber Garvey, President, New York Metro American Studies Association

Stanley Aronowitz, Professor, PhD Program in Sociology and Director of the Center for Cultural Studies, Graduate School, City University of New York

James Smethurst, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute, Harvard University

Erika Doss, Professor of Fine Arts, University of Colorado, Boulder

David Suisman

Sophie Cantell

John Ruhland

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