Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, Washington, DC.

The Roosevelt Memorial in Washington D.C. will be completed in 1997. Recently, a debate has gone on regarding how President Roosevelt will be represented in the sculptures that honor him at the Memorial. Some people feel that he should be portrayed with his disability, that a public acknowledgment of his paralysis will honor him and others who have met similar challenges.

Other commentators feel that such an image would contradict the public image that FDR carefully cultivated for himself. Out of respect for his wishes, they feel his disability should not be put in the public spotlight.

Writer Todd Stevenson looks at the debate and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial. Individuals and classrooms are invited to consider this issue and record their own votes and comments on this controversy.

All images on this Web are used with the permission of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Commission.

  1. The FDR Memorial
  2. A Landscape Solution
  3. The Controversy