Nov. 30, 1937
Springfield, Mass

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt

I am a girl sixteen years old. Last May I beg my father to buy an electric refrigerator for mother on Mother's day. We had talked about buying one with her. She thought it was not a very wise thing to do, because we could not afford to pay cash. I wanted it so very bad that my father bought it. He agreed to pay monthly payments of seven dollars and twenty two cents. What mother had said proved to be right. For two weeks after we bought the refrigerator I took sick with a serious kidney ailment which confined me to my bed from May twenty until Nov. twenty-second. I am just recovering from a delicate operation. I came home from the hospital Nov. eighth and my father was layed off after working for the railroad fifteen years. Many a girl of my age is hoping that on Christmas morn they will find a wrist watch, a handbag, or even a fur coat. But my one and only wish is to have father and mother spend a happy Christmas. Mrs. Roosevelt I am asking of you a favor which can make this wish come true. I am asking you to keep up our payments until my father gets back to work as a Christmas gift to me. Though father worked part time for quite a while we never lost anything for the lack of payments. If the refrigerator was taken away from us father and mother would think it a disgrace.

I close hoping with all my heart that my letter will be consider. Mrs. Roosevelt you may rest assure that I have learnt my lesson.

I am respectfully yours
Springfield, Mass

[No reply available.]