The Letters: Requests for Money
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Some children asked Mrs. Roosevelt for specific sums of money, and described to her exactly how the money would be used.

Author Request Quote
O.C. (female, 14; NJ) $7.50 to pay doctor "I was doctering for a while, with out my Mother and Dad knowing it."
J.B. (female, 16; MA) Keep up payments on refrigerator "Two weeks after we bought the refrigerator I took sick."
J.I.A. (female, 14; RI) Pay her way to Hollywood "You could tell them that you sent me and you know I can act."
D.B. (female, 18; NC) $35-$50 for bills "It just seems impossible for me to get a job anywhere."
W.B. (female; CT) $10 a week for college "I am a poor colored girl who thinks quite a lot of you."
J.R.D. (female, 12th grade; LA) $35 plus college tuition "Without help I can go no further into the step of education."