The Letters: Requests for Clothes
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Requests for clothes were common. Children asked for coats for warmth, and shoes and clothing to wear to school. They frequently asked for clothes for special occasions such as holidays and graduation.

Author Request Quote
L.H. (female, 13; AK) Old clothes "I have to stay out of school because I have no books or clothes to ware."
M.I. (female, 15; AL) Old clothes "How honored I would feel to be wearing your clothes."
C.V.B. (female, 11; OH) Easter clothes "Some time we don't have eni thing but we live. But you no it so hard to get cloth."
A.C. (female, 15; NJ) $6.00 for Easter clothes "We were once the richest people in our town."
E.B. (female; MI) Graduation dress "It's only because I hate to go on the stage with the other girls in my shabby dress."
C.B.S. (School Supervisor; TN) Money for clothes "I realize a hungry or a cold child cannot learn much."