About Betty O'Sullivan

Betty O'Sullivan was instrumental in the development of this feature. She provided the source materials used. She and her husband Quentin took the lovely color photos of the dolls included throughout.

Betty O'Sullivan, 1939

Betty O'Sullivan is the daughter of Elisabeth Danielson who headed the rug-making unit of the Milwaukee WPA Handicraft Project for five and a half years. Betty is pictured here (left) holding the 22" inch Italian doll that her mother gave her for Christmas in 1939. Betty's sister Anita (right) holds a 22" Polish doll.

Today, Mrs. O'Sullivan is a nationally respected expert on collectible dolls and toys. Over the years, she and Quentin have acquired many WPA-era dolls and toys. Known affectionately at the Milwaukee Public Museum as "the doll people," they have donated many items from their collection to the Milwaukee Public Museum, and have given thousands of hours as volunteers to document and maintain the Museum's historical toy and doll collections.

Betty O'Sullivan Today