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FDR and the Supreme Court
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Timeline: FDR and the Supreme Court

May 27, 1935"Black Monday" Schechter,
May 31, 1935FDR "horse and buggy" quote
August 1935Guffey Coal Conservation Act passed after NRA Codes overturned in Schechter.
January 6, 1936Butler AAA decision
May 18, 1936Carter Case strikes down Guffey Coal Act
June 1, 1936Morehead. NY law setting minimum wage standards for women is overturned, Robert joining in 5-4 decision, creating a Constitutional no-man's land.
November, 1936FDR wins landslide
December 19, 1936Parrish case is voted on. Stone is ill so the decision is withheld until he can return. Robert's vote is settled.
January 20, 1937Second Inaugural Address
February 1, 1937Borah warns "hands off" Supreme Court
February 5, 1937FDR announces plan for reorganizing the judiciary
February 9, 1937Argument begins for NLRB v. Laughlin...
March 9, 1937FDR's Fireside Chat
March 22, 1937Hughes letter to Wheeler
March 29, 1937Parrish "the switch in time that saved nine"
April 12, 1937Laughlin Decided.
May 18, 1937Justice Van Devanter announces his retirement
May 24, 1937validated unemployment insurance provisions in SSA and ruled old-age pensions constitutional (Stewart, Helvring)
June 14, 1937The adverse report of the Senate Judiciary Committee is released.
July 14, 1937Senator Robinson dies
July 22The Bill is recommitted to committee.
August 26, 1937FDR signs revised legislation
AugustNames Hugo Black to Court

Documents  >  Proposal  |  Cases  |  Speeches  |  Articles  |  Letters  |  Cartoons
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