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Letters From the Nation's Clergy

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    My dear Mr. President:

  1. Replying to your most cordial letter relative to conditions in the South and asking for suggestions in your noble efforts to relieve distressing conditions, I am at a loss as to what to say. But I believe that I can truthfully say that conditions are much better than they were before you became our president. The farmers are in better condition and are more hopeful than they were two years ago. There are many old people who are unable to work and who have no one to help them, which makes their condition very distressful. The small pension, which I believe has already been voted by Congress, with a like pension from the state will solve, in a great measure, this situation. Then, too, as I see it the great need is for more jobs for the masses. This, you emphasized in your speech at Boulder Dam. I have never believed much in "the dole" for I am a great believer of the doctrine, "that men shall earn his bread by the sweat of his brow." I find the ministers in sympathy with your efforts to better conditions and I believe that you can depend upon them to the limit of their abilities. I have watched with great interest all of your movements since you have been president and I am convinced that you have done and are doing everything possible to relieve distress and to bring conditions back to normalcy. You are having, form some sections of the country, some criticism but I think that it is unjust-- most of it is for political reasons. If the people of our country will help you carry over your program, I believe that you will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents. May "the God of our fathers" bring this to pass.

  2. If your critics would pray for you and criticize you less, I believe that conditions would change overnight.

  3. May God preserve your health, give you great wisdom and help you to lead this great nation to victory. I thank you for writing to me and giving me the privilege to write you this letter.

    Most cordially and sincerely,

    Rev. W.H. Wynne, Pastor
    Forest Avenue Baptist Church
    Dallas, TX
    October 1, 1935